Here are the activities your child works on during literacy time. They are responsible for their own learning and have to do each activity once a week. The children keep a record of the activities they have done by writing the day in Maori under each activity as they complete it.
Rainbow Writing
Write your spelling words 3 times each using felts.

Browsing Box
Read 2 stories from your browsing box and retell to a buddy.
Water Words
Write your words with a paintbrush and water on the concrete.

Body Spelling
Look at your spelling words, body spell each word, now write it down
Write your spelling words on the whiteboard.
Magnetic Words
Make your words using magnetic letters.

Story Laptop
Listen to one story from the story laptop and write the name of it here:
Chalk Writing
Write your spelling words on the black- board or concrete
I-pad Writing
Write your spelling words on the I-pad 5 times each.

Pipe cleaner words
Make your spelling words from pipe cleaners.
Magazine words
Spell your words using letters from a magazine and paste them on paper
Play dough words
Make your spelling words using playdough!

Spelling Box
Complete 1 activity from the spelling box and once finished put it in the marking tray.
Words in 10
Set the timer and write as many words as you can in your reading book.
Complete this weeks letter for printing thinking about neatness and layout.

Write a story of your choice in your ‘reading writing book’ and share it with a buddy.
Library corner/ Poems
Browse the library and poems. Pick your favourite poem to share with a buddy.

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This blog is a way to showcase and promote writing in Room 6. It allows the children to see they are writing for a purpose - an audience!

This is where the children can enter their 'story backpack' stories.
Check out the exciting adventures Hoo Hoo, Franklin, Sam and Lazy Lamb have been up to!

Here is a video clip we used to simulate our senses! The children produced great writing thinking about hooking the audience in and using 'wow' words.

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Below are some websites that the children may like to look at. They are great for practicing spelling and reading skills.