How has the past influenced the future?

We made bread and butter just like they did in the olden days!
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Why is there weather and how does it affect us?
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weather for kids
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what is weather?

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St Kilda Fire Fighters visited our school to talk about fire safety

We had a great time on our bush walk to Ross Creek! We followed all of the safety guidelines that we were taught and kept ourselves safe. Check out our photos!


How do we keep ourselves safe?
- Bush Safety
As part of our inquiry topic this term, one of our focusses will be on bush safety. We will take the children on a bush walk to Ross Creek to practice the safety techniques that we will cover.
Here are some of the safety guidelines that we will be discussing at school that you could talk over with your child at home.
Guidelines for kids

What to bring

Have enough food for energy

Take plenty to drink

Wear bright clothing (safety vest). Layers of clothing are best. Sunhat, warm hat and jacket are important.

Wear good walking shoes to move over rough ground.

Teachers need to take a first aide kit, sunscreen, whistle, toilet kit, bag for rubbish, camera, medication, rubber gloves, hand wipes, cellphone, also read RAMS, extra water/plastic cups, nature hunt activity etc

Bring small toy for grotto

Keep safe

Be aware of risky places such as water hazards, steep track declines, steep drop offs (e.g. around waterway) and bridges

If the track has a steep drop off walk single file on the opposite side to the hazard.

Keep in Sight

Stay in a group; adults must always be able to see the children in their care, and tell the kids to keep an adult in sight

Know what to do

Make sure children know what to do if they get lost: tell them to stop, stay where they are and to make lots of noise to attract attention.

Going to the toilet

If you need to go to the toilet tell an adult.

Go as far away as possible from any water and tracks. If necessary dig a shallow hole and bury waste.

Be aware of others

Leave a clear path for runners and dog walkers.
Take all rubbish home.

Here are some bush safety clips and information.

Constable Kerry showed us how to cross the road safely.